Thank you so much for stopping by. Please do take a minute to read these guidelines as I would not want you to be disappointed with your shopping experience and your business is very important to me.

1. Because of copyright laws patterns are not returnable.
2. Shipping charges are absolutely, positively, unequivocally NON-NEGOTIABLE!
 Please do not contact me to ask me to reduce the shipping charges on your order. I have based my rates on six years of shipping and my charges are based on the average shipping charges for my particular shoppe. Please do compare my rates with other shoppes. I trust you will find that my rates are very competitive.
3. Free Shipping is available only on orders of $200 or more. If  your order is less than $200, free shipping does not apply! If you ordered items that have sold out I will fill your order but will apply the correct shipping charges for the total amount of the order. If you would like me to call you or email you in the event that your order does not qualify for free shipping, please note it in the comments section. If there is no comment I will proceed to fill the order as detailed above.
4. Fabrics are not returnable.  
5. Orders without emails will not be processed. They will be refunded in full. I will not process orders without email addresses. Your shipping confirmation is sent via email with your tracking number. It is  too time consuming for me to look for your order when you could simply track it yourself using the number sent via email. If you provide the wrong email address please do not ask me to track down your order. I fill them, I ship them, I add delivery confirmation... my part is done. If you have the delivery confirmation # I will work with you to track your package.
6. I do not accept mail orders, or phone orders. All oders must be placed using Paypal or direct Credit Card payment (e-checks are an option via paypal but please know that they will take 5 days to clear and your order will reach the queue only after the payment has cleared. All "your" items remain in the catalog, available for anyone to buy until they are paid for and that takes five days), which means that what was available when you placed your order might be sold out by the time your order reaches the queue.
7. Orders for fabric that do not meet the minimum yardage (see fabric index) will be cancelled. If there are other items on the order, these items will ship but all fabric that does not meet the minimum yardage will be cancelled. I cannot adjust the yardage after the order has been paid, you must reorder it with the correct yardage.
 8.  I cannot add to your order once its been placed. Because of the number of orders in my queue I cannot guarantee that orders will be grouped unless placed at the same time. It is too confusing and time consuming to hold orders, pull orders or combine orders once in the que. The queue is your spot. Take your time and browse the catalog before you finalize your order.

9. I  do not ship Internationally. 

 I look forward to serving your quilting needs, Brenda=)

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